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If you are getting ready for a spring break or early summer holiday you might want to give the handmade leather items from Leatherworks and especially the customisable luggage tags a look. With the customised luggage tags as travel accessories your suitcase or travel bag will not be mistaken for someone else’s. Leatherworks also makes really cool key hangers, iPad covers, business card cases and wallets in leather – and all are customisable with your name/initial/quote or something else engraved.

Leatherworks is a husband-and-wife team consisting of Nicklas (who, apart from being a leather crafter, is a scout leader, always believes in the best in people and loves hot chocolate) and Stephanie (creative spirit and ultra-structured engineer whose guilty pleasure is watching reruns of Married at First Sight).

Around ten years ago Nicklas dreamed of making his own leather armour. As a birthday gift, Stephanie gave him a large piece of leather along with some leather craft tools. A few years went by where the tools were occasionally taken out and used.

After a legendary road trip to the US (even more legendary as it was our honeymoon!) they had brought home the late 00’s perhaps ultimate gadget – an iPad. Nicklas decided to make not just any cover for it, but the most beautiful and skilfully created cover he could in any way. As the months passed, he refined his techniques, tested new designs and made dozens of prototypes. After spending all his spare time for six months working on the iPad cover, he was finally satisfied with the result. Meanwhile ideas for a variety of other products had emerged and before the year was over Leatherworks had been founded.

“Today, we have our leather workshop in our home north of Copenhagen. When making leather projects Nicklas is often accompanied by our two little boys, Arthur and Valdemar. The shared dream and ambition of our family is to expand Leatherworks in order to allow Nicklas to be a full-time leather craftsman,” the couple explains.

Visit Leatherworks profile on NOORVERK and see all their handmade leather items: noorverk.com/artisan/leatherworks