Keramikfestival in Skælskør - established and upcoming ceramic designers and artist

Inspirational day at Keramikfestival in Skælskør

In Art, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

Yesterday we closed down the NOORVERK office and went to Keramikfestival in Skælskør to meet a lot of talented ceramists. It was great inspiration for our community for handmade design, art and crafts to see and speak to somy passionated makers and craftsmen. The small city in the south of Sealand was packed with ceramic art and design – and everybody had come together to make the Keramikfestival a succes. Kermikfestival-private-garden

Private homes were opened to us to show private collections. Shops in the highstreet had decorated their windows with ceramic design and art. The museum, the townhall, the library, the hotel and so many more were supporting the festival and making it very inspirational to walk around the town the whole day.

We especially enjoyed meeting some of the new upcoming ceramist from Guldagergaard – International Ceramic Research Center! To see their workshops and hear about how the center and their PROJECT NETWORK is making Skælskør a center of ceramic design and art.

“The aim of Project Network is to create a network and a dialogue within the same generation of emerging artists in ceramic arts. The project supports international exchange and investigations for the future development of the ceramic arts. Universities or Professors may nominate 1 emerging artist they feel best represents new talent in the field of ceramics. Project Network is a Guldagergaard invention. We call it a career “kick start” for Emerging artists age 38 and under and who are recent graduates with BA, BFA, MA & MFA degrees in the Arts.”
From Guldagergaard’s website

We look forward to see some of them joining the Noorverk community soon with their beautiful handmade ceramic design and art! Thank you for a lovely and inspiring day!