How many shades of grey? Scandinavian inspiration on


In Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

How many shades of grey can you find in the Scandinavian interior design style? All shades of grey capture light, especially Northern light, in the most remarkable ways. And the need for light is so inherent to the Scandinavian lifestyle.

The Scandinavian style with greys, whites, light tones and many candles is ‘cold’ and yet so cozy at the same time during the dark days of winter.

Many Nordic interior designers like grey because it has the ability to disappear and let you focus on what’s in front of it.

Some people say that about white, but white can be too bright. Grey is soft. It fills a space and makes it feel comfortable.

Grey in all shades can be very inviting and create a wonderful atmosphere filled with “hygge”. And it also gives the dramatic contrast to the deep blue sea and the huge blue sky found all over Scandinavia.

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