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Design Gitta Foldberg – handmade jewellery and textile design

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The DNA of Design Gitta Foldberg is to make storytelling design, and to make is a unique story behind each design. Gitta Foldberg manufactures among other history sustaining digitally printed textiles often with inspiration from the culture and nature in combination with folklore from Fanoe. The printed fabrics are used for scarves printed in Denmark and sewn on Fanoe.

Gitta’s designs are often based on shapes, colours and moods picked up in the nature and culture of Fanoe and while traveling at home and abroad. In the photo registration and collection of everyday objects, the impressions are subsequently interpreted and translated into unique print designs, interior products and accessories.

The expression ranging in terms of the simple to the complicated and sometimes extraordinarily detailed expression in digital printing where Gitta has developed a technique for painting with digital media. This results in organic abstract patterns that contrast with the tight graphic expression.

The collection “Memories” is for example created from a user survey on memories, which was subsequently transformed into digital printed textiles and used in a collection of silk scarves.

star-allover-square-silk-scarf green-star-silk-scarf

In the jewellery collection “Button” Gitta Foldberg was inspired by beautiful silver and amber which through ages has been used in the traditional Fanoe attire. The collection “Button” represents thus a unique story, told in a new design and a new material.

button-sticks2The textile collection “HAVSKARN” (sea trash) is a courtesy to our nature with a desire that we everybody will take care of it. It is inspired by shapes and colours and the markings in the sand on the beach and sea weed found along Fanoe Beach, which afterwards is transformed into a new textile expression.

high-tide-silk-scarf see-weed-square-silk-scarf

Working with both the digital and analogue media highlights the contrast between the fast and slow, manual and digital process. In a time where everything goes fast and is constantly changing, this kind of “slow design” supports handcrafting, so a Gitta Foldberg design gets its own unique expression.

As a textile designer Gitta is working experimentally and masters many techniques. With a broad knowledge of materials Gitta creates designs in various materials in the borderland between art and design. Her collection ”Seal on the Edge” produced with respect for the nature by sustainable certified Inuit sealskin imported from Greenland obtained from the Greenland Sealers combined with wool. All purchased products support the Greenlandic seal hunters. The collection consist of wool and sealskin interior designs, clothes and accessories.

3-pass-circle-pillow2A major objective of Gitta Foldberg’s designs is to titillate the senses, provide something new and surprising where a long reading time gives the user new experiences with the design. And just as important is that the products are manufactured in Denmark in collaboration with skilled craftsmen with a sense of aesthetics and quality.

Here you can also see some of Gitta Foldbergs wool scarves, but for the full collection also featuring leather handbags please visit her profile:

hope-ii-wool-scarf hope-wool-scarf