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RIX – costumes allow childrens fantasy and creativity to run wild

In Kids & baby, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

RIX is a beautiful collection of handmade clothes, accessories and costumes for kids. The artisan Katrine Rix loves to make products that allow childrens fantasy and creativity to run wild. All kids love to play and dress-up, and with her collection of playful capes you can support your childs vivid imagination. Often dressing up is associated with holidays like Halloween and Fastelavn (a Danish tradition) but it is also a big part of childrens play and development in everyday life.

When the kids play dress-up or role-play they learn to empathize with their role and thereby they challange their imagination and social skills. The idea behind the RIX animal capes is to make it easy for the kids themselves to take their capes on and off and in no time and turn into their favorite animals on top of their everyday clothes. No hassle with the normal clothes or having to ask an adult for help. 1, 2, 3….ready to play and let fantasy and the animals loose.

Katrine Rix handles all processes of making the capes herself from the design, pattern design, sewing, adaptation, graduation and more. Every cape is carefully made by hand with lots of thought and care. “I love to produce clothes, costumes and accessories for children that let their imagination and creative ideas run freely. It is essensial for me, that there is room for play and movement in my products,” Katrine states.

All RIX capes are made in felt of 30% wool and 70% viscose and with 100% cotton lining. They are aAvailable in three sizes corresponding to 1-3 years, 3-6 years and 6-9 years. See all the fantastic capes on her artisan profile: noorverk.com/artisan/rix/

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