Perlefest is handmade raku ceramic jewellery //

Perlefest – handmade raku bead jewellery

In Jewellery, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

Perlefest has been a creative accessories shop online for more than a decade. Recently the creator of Perlefest, Sonja van Lutterfelt, found a fascination for raku ceramics. And with her profession as jewellery designer, it lead her to make her own new series of unique raku ceramic jewellery. The beads and disks are handcrafted in her own ceramic studio and all the items are unique.

Raku is an old Japanese firing method. The items are fired upto approx 1000 degrees and then taken out of the oven at once. This gives a temperature choque, which creates craques in the glazing. Then all the beads and disks are placed in a closed bucket with newspaper which is burning and creates the black and rough “looks” on the surface. The process is unpredictable and therefor so fascinating for Sonja. All firing is done outside and Sonja thinks, that the end result of her Perlefest jewellery both symbolises the raku process, the outdoor life, and nordic design in a cool way.

Here you can see a small collection of blue raku rings, ear rings and necklaces. Most of the items are also found in pink, black, mint, cream, turquoise, lime, sea green and ivory. To see all raku ceramic jewellery items from Perlefest please visit the profile: