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In Jewellery, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

In her workshop Guldregn in Sorø, Denmark, Anja Finderup designs and creates unique jewellery. She is passionate about creating “jewellery with soul”.

It all began when Anja was a little girl. She was different and had a huge interest in school for reading about mystical stones and crystals with magical powers. In school Anja drew fantasy animals and dreamt of parallel worlds. And all this laid the ground stones for her work with drawing new designs of jewellery and produce them by hand as a goldsmith. Anja has worked as a goldsmith in 2003 and opened her own workshop and shop “Guldregn” in 2013 in Sorø.

She newer runs out of inspiration as the sorces for inspiration are infinite for her. “I see inspiration in everything from the morning dew on my greenhouse with traces of snails to the cool breeze from The Blue Mountains in Australia,” Anja explains.

Anja is a dream catcher and only catches the good ones and let the evil ones go. In that way she gets nutrition for new designs. For example she has worked with designs within themes like “the mermaids secret” and “feminine dreams” about the female passion for the exclusive and unique, the unreachable and mystical.

“There is a special piece of jewellery for everybody just waiting to be designed,” Anja ends with a smile.

See a small collection of Anjas jewellery on Guldregs NOORVERK profile:

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