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byFossdal – simple, graphic and sculptural jewellery design

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ByFossdal is founded in 2016 by the Danish/Faroese designer and musician, Tanja Fossdal.  Besides working as a freelance singer for almost 20 years, she´s always had a crafty and creative heart and is very influenced by the scandinavian design tradition. Her vision is to create simple, clean and beautiful – yet very comfortable – design, accessible for everyone.

Her greatest inspirations are patterns and shapes created by nature and she loves mixing different techniques and materials. With colors that range from classic to bold and her passion for sculptural shapes, Tanja Fossdal has created a unique jewellery collection with an alluring expression to convey the beauty of nature. All items are designed and handmade in Copenhagen by Tanja Fossdal.

Here are a few of byFossdal jewellery items, but to see the full collection please visit the artisan profile here:

tricolore-leather-earrings-byfossdal-noorverk-blogTricolore earrings bordeaux, gold & rose //

the-bird-leather-jewellery-byfossdal-noorverk-blogThe bird pink leather earring //

tricolore-pinksilverblue-model-1200x1200Tricolore leather earrings pink, silver & marine //

fibonnacci-tricolore-leather-jewellery-byfossdal-noorverk-blogFibonnacci necklace bordeaux //