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Bella Bella Denmark – jewellery made with love

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Bella Bella Denmark was established in 2014 by jewellery designer and goldsmith Bella Laurina. The fairytale began by accident after Bella moved to Aarhus because she followed her heart to the city her high school boyfriend came from. They moved in together and she needed to find new friends in her new town. Since she loved to be creative, she started at a local jewellery course and a short time after also on Kolding School of Design. Here she trained his skills in accessory- and product design and explored her style. Not long thereafter, the jewellery brand Bella Bella Denmark was “born”.

Today, all products have gone through her hands and all designs originated in her brain. Handmade and minimalism is the main focus. Origin, quality and personality are also important to her and it is something she try to put in all of the creations. She focus on making jewellery, that will last a lifetime and that are possible to combine with your existing jewelry – and lastly she only want to make jewellery that she would love to wear herself! The dream is that the jewellery is mixed and matched and to make it simple to stack and combine, giving you the option to add just that little extra personal touch that makes you stand out.

Even though Bella Bella Denmark has grown quite a bit, all jewellery is still handmade as they firmly believe in true craftsmanship and that machines can never reproduce the unique feeling and history that handcrafted items hides. Genuine craftsmanship takes time and thoroughness and attention to detail. The jewellery is handmade in the Bella Bella Denmark workshop in Aarhus, in genuine quality materials. The handcrafted process ensures that all of the jewellery has a unique history and emotion and it is visible in each and every one of them, that they have been made with love and honesty.

A piece of jewellery from Bella Bella denmark is minimalist and honest in its expression and it embraces both the playful and delicate, as well as the simple graphic look. They carefully select which material suppliers they work with. they only use materials extracted safely and conflict-free diamonds.

Here you can see a few pieces of the Bella Bella Denmark jewellery, but to see the full collection please visit the profile:

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