Agerbo Design

In Home & Living, Jewellery, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

We are proud to present that we now have the wonderful handmade jewellery and leather home interior design from Agerbo Design available on Visit the Agerbo Design profile where you can find the wonderful collection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets in the jewellery category and candle sticks and tea light holders in leather in the home décor category.

Behind Agerbo Design is a creative soul, Line Agerbo Madsen. With a great passion for the creative universe Agerbo Design arose. She put great emphasis on that everything is created and designed with a certain respect for each material. Agerbo Design consists of a series of comprehensive series; leather design and jewellery.

The candle sticks and tea light holders in leather are all hand-made. Their individual, delicious and stylish look makes them primarily fit into any home while they follow current trends.

The jewellery is made of jewellery parts from both Denmark and abroad. The jewellery series has the advantage that it both conceals the graphic and minimalistic, while the romantic and elegant also is expressed.

Visit Agerbo Design’s profile on NOORVERK and see all the wonderful jewellery and leather interior design: