fine hand-made ceramics at tortus copenhagen ceramic workshop - see more artisans on noorverk

Tortus Copenhagen

In Home & Living, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

When the design fair Maison & Objet took place in Paris in January, it was under the theme “Make “. The philosophy behind the theme is that we live in a time where we will regain control, get our hands dirty and and put our mark on the creative process. Therefore we make a distance to the assembly line and question the industry ‘s continued pursuit of profit and efficiency. Instead, we focus on user involvement , cooperation and self-production .

It is as if we again appreciate the man who creates, the artisan, and therefore the design world these days is marked by a growing interest in manual production. Now we can see the value in a vase rotated by hand, a hand-blown glass lamp or a sofa covers sewn by hand because it demonstrates a special talent and true craftsmanship.

A really great Danish contribution at the fair was Tortus Copenhagen. Tortus Copenhagen is a producer of fine hand-made ceramics in the heart Copenhagen. Their small-scale of production allows them to be intimately involved in all levels of the making process. They take pride in the beauty of their process. Visit their studio and see the ceramics in an inspiring environment at THE TORTUS STUDIO, Kompagnistræde 23, DK-1208 Copenhagen K.