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Römer Design

In Home & Living, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

We are proud to present that we now have the fantastic handmade wooden home interior design from Römer Design available on Visit the Römer Design profile where you can find the wonderful collection of coat racks, coat hangers, kitchen towel holders and other wooden interior design in the home & living category.

Römer Design was founded in 2013 and produces danish quality and handcrafted design items made with love for wood and details. The company is driven by Martin Römer, who also designs and produces the items. The items are all made in Denmark, in cooperation with small independent wood turning companies.

Martin is initially a trained chef, but has always had a penchant for design. The coat stand EnPind, was Martin’s first project. EnPind was selected for the Design Trade, Talent Street in August 2014. Since then, more items have been added, among others the coat rack series EnKnag.

The vision for Römer Design is to create danish produced furniture and interior designs, in a simple design and with a uncompromising quality also and focusing on the environment by recycling of surplus materials for new projects.

Visit Römer Design’s profile on NOORVERK and see all the fantastic handmade wooden home interior design:

noorverk-romer-design-EnPind-coat-stand-purple-oiled-oak     noorverk-romer-design-EnPind-coat-stand-nature-smoked-oak     noorverk-romer-design-EnPind-coat-stand-blue-oiled-oak     noorverk-romer-design-EnPind-coat-stand-green-smoked-oak      noorverk-romer-design-EnPind-coat-stand-pink-oiled-oak

noorverk-romer-design-EnKnag-coat-rack-purple noorverk-romer-design-EnKnag-coat-rack-orange

noorverk-romer-design-EnKnag-coat-rack-nature noorverk-romer-design-EnKnag-coat-rack-green

noorverk-romer-design-EnKnag-coat-rack-blue noorverk-romer-design-EnKnag-coat-rack-pink

noorverk-romer-design-EnRul-kitchen-towel-holder-oiled-oak noorverk-romer-design-EnPalle-wood-decoration4noorverk-romer-design-EnRul-kitchen-towel-holder-smoked-oak