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Rod & Reunert

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Behind the lovely sewn home décor brand Rod & Reunert is two friends Laura and Helle, who have found an ambitious way to enjoy their creative spare time. They have busy everyday lives with jobs and family, but their creative drive is so strong, that they still find time to rund their small company.

They sew small items with modern embroidery details based on their own design – for children, adults and home accessories. The materials they use are a mix of new and up cycled fabrics and yarn. They have a lot of different designs, raging from toilet bags, coffee warmers, glasses cases and tea cosies. Everything is handmade and produces with the great pleasure.

When they describe themselves – and how they made their dream come true – they have this cute little story, that we can’t help repeating:

“ Once upon a time to young ladies dreamed of having their own store, where they could decide when to be opened and closed – and where they could be the masters in their own house.

The ladies were poor as church mice and as a crisis raged in the kingdom, no-one could lend them money for their entrepreneurship, and instead they had to get an education with support from the state and a real job.

The two ladies kept dreaming while the followed their carriers and got children, and morgages, and husbands and the internet grew large and big in the background.

With glasses on their noses the two ladies sat in the light of the energy saving light bulbs on cold winter nights and embroidered – and were thrilled with each others small cozy creations. They were diligent customers in the internet shops where they could get books about crafts, yarn and fabrics for their creations – and suddenly they found out, that their dream was only a click away…

By making their own web shop they could safely start up their entrepreneurial dream without giving up the jobs they had become to lov and without danger for demands of protection money or rejections on bank loans. They choose to welcome all potential customers in their webshop.”

  • lovely sewn home décor handmade by Rod & Reunert - se more nordic artisans on
  • lovely sewn home décor handmade by Rod & Reunert - se more nordic artisans on