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møbel & rum – interior design with great stories

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møbel & rum is an exciting new collaboration with some of today’s most talented artisans. With the like of Ian McIntyre and Valentina Fussel on the list, møbel & rum has assembled a great team of creatives with each their speciality within various fields. From ceramic art and photography to hand sewing and great knowledge of wood, møbel & rum’s first collection is a true testament to craftsmanship, quality of material and attention to detail.

It’s all in the details…

At møbel & rum they believe in great design, but they also love a good story. That’s why they emphasis the Who, Where and How behind their products as much as the What. Whether it’s a porcelain vase crafted on Bornholm using 100% green energy, or a 100% recycled plastic fabric cushion sewn by hand in Copenhagen, they thrive to practice sustainable and ethical production throughout.

In addition to the talented designers they work with, they also collaborate with organisations that help people facing physical, mental or social barriers to enter the labour market. In short, they want to make quality-crafted products for people who care about how their purchases impact the environment and the people who made them.

Products with great stories

“They say home is where the heart is; and we agree. Each item in your home is a representation of who you are, defining your style and reflecting your personality. At møbel & rum we strive to design unique products for every living space in your home. To us, quality is more important than quantity and form must always follow function,” Laura Jørgensen from møbel & rum explains.

“Though our focus is offering a range of noteworthy products, we emphasize the journey of each piece as much as the final result. We believe that design can be a way of responding to larger issues in the world and we want our products to stand for what matters,” she continues.

møbel & rum has just joined NOORVERK and launched their first product line with four wooden mirrors by Christoffer Skjøtt. An amazing vase by Ian McIntyre and wonderful design pillows by Laura Jørgensen is coming up soon. See the mirrors now on noorverk.com/artisan/mobel-rum

Table mirror and Hand mirror by møbel & rum // noorverk.com