JG Crafted

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JG Crafted makes the most wonderful small shelves for rooms with little space and visible pipes. It is a small workshop located in a backyard in the outskirts of Copenhagen. The shelves are designed by artisan Janus Gjesing, who has a background as cand.design from Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, more commonly known as the Danish Design School.

“I needed a shelve in my kitchen for spices, but the most obvious space on the walls had a fat pipe rigt in the middle running down from the ceiling all the way to the floor. But instead of seeing the pipe as a limitation I tried to see it as an opportunity” says Janus Gjessing.

“Many apartments in Copenhagen are old and have pipes in the kitchen, the bathroom and also in the other rooms. In stead of hiding the pipes, the shelves highlight the charme and the unique atmosphere in the old apartments. The selves transforms the often space consuming pipes to beautiful furniture, that can change and vary over the seasons” he continues.

The shelves are called MS Piper, and they are produced 100% by hand which gives them a beautiful and unique touch. The design of the shelves is inspired by classic danish furniture design from the 1950’s like for example designs made by Johannes Andersen.

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