IDcreAtions handmade design pillows //


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The story of IDcreAtions is the story of Ida Olesen, who in the autumn of 2014 changed the professional handball with her grandmother’s old SINGER sewing machine. This resulted at that time in many failed sewing projects, but very quickly she found her own style which she has refined ever since, and in February 2016 she launched her own pillow collection.

At IDcreAtions high quality and exquisite design goes hand in hand. Durability is weighed very high when materials are chosen. The design of the pillows are not only nice to look at – they are made as practical design pillows with good support for your back without losing their shape. The pillows can also be washed and are made to last.

The designs of IDcreAtions can be known on the geometric idioms and clean lines. All designs are inspired by patchwork, which means that an IDcreAtions pillow is not just two pieces of fabric sewn together, but up to 18 stitched fabric parts that together create a super expression in the pillows and a wonderful depth in the patterns. When Ida makes the designs, she salute and challenge the symmetry, and her choice of colours follows trends with something for everyone – from the ever popular shades of gray to the more trend-based colours.

And the story behind the item names? It’s that simple. When a new design is introduced, it is named after the first buyer. In this way all the items gets an extra meaning for Ida – and perhaps also for you?

You can see a few of IDcreAtions wonderful pillows below. But to see the full collection visit the profile:

noorverk-idcreations-pillow-dagnaes-dark-greyDagnæs pillow dark grey //
noorverk-idcreations-pillow-vinter-blue-greyVinter pillow blue grey //
noorverk-idcreations-pillow-yde-pink-greyYde pillow pink grey //
Rettig pillow black grey //