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Egeværk is a company owned by furniture makers Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen who specialize in creating unique handmade wooden design pieces and furniture. These young, passionate cabinet makers are renowned for their expertise and high skills in woodworking and uncompromising craftsmanship; whether restoring Danish classics and creating new pieces. Pure Scandinavian lines dominate their designs for new furniture and over the last five years they have designed and created their own collection of furniture and utensils.

Lasse Kristensen has for several years been producing exclusive quality furniture and has always worked with great focus on durability and elegance. “The craftsmanship means a lot to me and I never compromise the quality when I work on an item,” Lasse explains. Lasse is a trained cabinet maker and got a silver medal (the finest recognition) when he passed the exam.  In the summer of 2006 Lasse was asked to join the Danish championship for cabinetmaking and won. The victory gave him access to the nordic championship for cabinetmaking in Norway which he also won. “The world championship in Japan in 2007 was a great experience. And even though I didn’t win it was very interesting and fun to be part of. The most exiting thing was to work side by side with other cabinetmakers from all around the world,” Lasse explains. Before returning to Denmark and setting up Egeværk in Hundested, Lasse worked and studied in Japan and on Hawaii.

Mette Bentzen has worked with refined furniture production for several years. Before this she spent three years on the oceans in a small sailboat. “The fairy tale as long-distance sailing taught me the discipline to make repairs that lasts. And the love of carpentry came when the ship’s mahogany outfitting was maintained. I decided to learn carpentry from scratch, because I was amazed of how well the initial outfitting was done. I also wanted to lean that!”, Mette explains. For Mette carpentry more a passion than a job. The driving force lies in the joy of processing a beautiful and living material as wood. Mette also got a silver medal when she passed her cabinet maker exam.

Here you can see a few of Egeværks unique handmade wooden design pieces and furniture. See the entire collection on: https://noorverk.com/artisan/egevaerk/

noorverk-egevaerk-handmade-wooden-fruit-basket-in-woodPLUK – handmade hanging wooden fruit basket

noorverk-egevaerk-handmade-wooden-plant-hangerPLANT HANGER – handmade plant hanger in wood

noorverk-egevaerk-handmade-tay-for-two-in-oakTRAY FOR TWO – handmade tray in oak wood

noorverk-egevaerk-handmade-tray-table-in-oakTRAY TABLE – handmade tray table in oak wood