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dot aarhus

In Home & Living, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

dot aarhus is a design company with roots in Århus. They make great handmade design items for you and your everyday life. All items are designed from the needs or challenges in the designers own everyday. With creativity and desire to create, they find great solutions to the challenges. All of the designs from dot aarhus are solutions where the function has a form.

The items are Danish produced with basis in their own workshop. They use wood, cork, brass and leather for their collection of small everyday designs, that will just light up your home. And to top it all, all the designs has wonderful names – see below the BRASS-DOCK, the KEEPER, the KIEL, NOSEY, and TIME-OFF!

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noorverk-dot-aarhus-brass-dock-tablet-holder-2   noorverk-dot-aarhus-keeper-jewellery-holder-oak-3  noorverk-dot-aarhus-door-stop-wood-6

noorverk-dot-aarhus-nosey-eyewaer-holder-wood-3  noorverk-dot-aarhus-watch-holder-timeoff-wood-3