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Cle Design – sustainable and social responsible interior design

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Cle Design was founded in 2015 by Julie Clement. It all started with Julie making a clothes rack for herself. She lacked an overview and space for her clothes, as well as a nicely different alternative to her wardrobe. She designed a clothes rack with a hanger in galvanized iron with two leather straps in natural color. The clothes rack was put up in her bedroom. Her friends and family commented and praised the clothes rack again and again. This gave Julie the idea to try to sell it. She tried just for fun to sell it on an online marketplace, and there were many bids very fast.

It gave her the idea of ​​Cle Design. She wanted to sell Nordic-style interiors, where quality and functionality were high, while focusing on sustainability and social responsibility. The webshop was started and the product range was developed with new delicious products of the same good quality and still with the same stylish, unique terms in core leather and wood.

At Cle Design it’s about utilizing the untapped resources – both in terms of using recycled wood, sustainable packaging, as well as employing inmates from Danish prisons and young interns who haven’t found their first job yet.

“The mission is to make a difference in the society. In co-operation with Criminal Care, we use prisoners from the Nykøbing Falster Arrest, where 25 inmates treat all our wood for production. By employing the inmates with physical work, we help to give them something to look forward to while allowing them to take an education in production and crafts. This makes them better equipped to cope with the Danish labor market when they have served there time. The inmates learn to handle a real job and get an understanding of what it means to have a permanent job,” Julie explains.

“There are many vulnerable social groups in Denmark, with very different needs. In cooperation with Copenhagen’s job center, we have around 3 people in business practice, often vulnerable young people who are unemployed, and all of them are very different, with different skills. We give our interns something to wake up to each day as well as an experience with success that they can carry on in their future jobs. It’s not all the young unemployed from the job center who are prepared to carry out a permanent job, so we offer them a couple of hours a week and work with something they think is exciting in communication, production, design, or other tasks,” she continues.

The vision for Cle Design is to be the largest in the market for design and interior design with only natural and sustainable products. In addition, they wish to keep all production in Denmark. It has to be done by means of workforce from sheltered workshops, detainees, disabled people and other vulnerable groups in society. This is aimed at raising society and giving everyone the opportunity to develop in the form of creativity and craftsmanship.

Cle Design also focuses on sustainability and take care of the environment by striving to use sustainable wood for all production. The tree comes from the Nordic forests and is FSC certified, which means that they come from sustainable forests, where a new tree is always planted when a tree is harvested. See all the cool designs on Cle Design artisan page:

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