Annike Laigo – naked clay ceramic collection

In Home & Living, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

The ceramic collection from Annike Laigo is about clear shape and beauty of materials. Its uncovered surfaces praise the clay, a main material for ceramics that is too often left hidden under the glaze, if you ask her. Annike Laigo has decided to bring the material on show and glazing it only when and where it is necessary. She uses stoneware because in a high heat the clay vitrifies and vitrification makes clay watertight and strong. As important as these properties are the clays raw and honest appearance, interesting lively looks.

Annike Laigo only works with hand-thrown ceramics (not casted in a form) as it gives the items more liveliness, when all the small throwning marks are visible to bring out the touch of the hand. This is why the cups are not identical, as they all have small differences in form and glazing. Altogether it has a fresh modern appearance.

We are proud to present Annike Laigo’s collection of hand-thrown and hand-glazed stoneware cups on It is a true statement to the Scandinavian minimalistic style and a tribute to Nordic handcraft. The sculptural, sharply shaped bodies fits the hand perfectly. In Japan they say that such cups (without the handle) allow one to feel the heat of the beverage and it helps to not burn the mouth with a drink that is too hot. The bodies have been left bare to expose the texture of the raw clay. And glaze are made inside the cup and on the rim to give an especially beautiful look because of the lively appearance of the raw body with the glozzy effect.

The beautiful cups in 3 sizes serve as multi-vessels from a shot of espresso to a nice size of hot chocolate/latte/tea as well as a pot for cacti or other smaller plants.

See Annike Laigo’s collection of Naked Clay Cups here: