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The fine ceramic items we find at Studio NILASDOTTER are truly nordic inspired, as Alexandra Nilasdotter has her own ceramics workshop in the small city of Hässleholm south of Sweden and is a student at The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art | Ceramics on the Danish island Bornholm. Alexandra has been a creative person for her whole life and created a ceramics collection with her love for working with her hands. Shaping a material has always been a big fascination.

In the summer of 2015 Alexandra Nilasdotter opened Studio NILASDOTTER –  a tiny factory with a potter’s wheel, oven and space for production. She constantly wants to learn new things and move forward with the drive from her curiosity and will to achieve her goals. She finds her drive in the technical and artistic challenges, the clays sensitivity and strength, to strain the limits of what you can do and get to know different clays and materials.

Alexandra Nilasdotter is a minimalist who is inspired by nordic minimalistic shapes and colors, the simple life and the northern light. She also gets a lot of inspiration from he deep forest, the sea, the nordic people, Scandinavian and Japanese design, and also architecture.

“My main craft is ceramics, but I have always been inspired by architecture. I have been working with ceramics for three years now and before that I wanted to be an architect. I don’t really know what made me interested in clay, but I think it started in high school when I found a potters wheel and decided to learn throwing by my self, it was just me and the potters wheel. What drives me is a desire to shape an organic material like clay, that wants to have an organic form, to straight cylinders,” Alexandra explains.

It is of most importance to her, that the materials and lines in her objects are close to earth and that the shapes are determined in their expression. The simplicity, the minimalism and purity is of most importance, the raw texture of the clays surface and the softness of the glaze.

She recycles all the clay and tries to work with pure materials with less toxins and lower environmental impact. To make things of high quality that will last long, both in terms of durability and trends.

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