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Lea Hoffmann Illustration

In Art, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

Lea Hoffmann is a young danish printmaker and illustrator. With the brand Lea Hoffmann Illustration she makes hand printed pieces of artwork made with the use of the method ‘collography’. Collography is a printmaking process in which ink is applied onto cardboard. The motive is cut into the cardboard and after applying ink the work is printed on wet paper. All artworks are printed in a maximum of 30 pieces. And they are all signed by Lea and numbered.

Lea is a member of Funen Printmaking Workshop where all of her artwork is made. She has been working as an illustrator since 2013 where a present to a family member suddenly created a lot of opportunities. Danish design shops and galleries have since then been decorating their walls with, according to herself, naive delicate animal illustrations. In 2015 Lea became a full time artist.

On noorverk.com Lea Hoffmann sells her originals and you can se a small selection below. To see the entire collection visit: https://noorverk.com/artisan/lea-hoffmann-illustration/

noorverk-lea-hoffmann-illustration-original-pigsTWO PIGS ON AN IMPORTANT MISSION – 1.100,00 DKK on noorverk.com

noorverk-lea-hoffmann-illustration-original-flamingosTHREE FLAMINGOS GOING TO TOWN – 1.100,00 DKK on noorverk.com

noorverk-lea-hoffmann-illustration-original-toadsTEN TOADS ON ROCKS – 1.200,00 DKK on noorverk.com