Kitt Buch beautiful, grotesque and humorous fairytale artworks |

Kitt Buch beautiful, grotesque and humorous fairytale artworks

In Art, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

Kitt Buch paints the fairytales of her mind, often involving characters such as the Clown Girl and her friend, the Skeleton Sparrow. Her artistic universe is at once beautiful, grotesque and humorous. The illustrations represent a small part of an adventure – they can stand alone or be seen in context. “Who or what the adventure are all about, provide a space of possibilities. They can be sociocritical, autobiographical or just stories. It is up to the individual to explore this space and see what they can take away,” Kitt explains.

“I paint the adventures of The Clown Girl and her friends. Some of the paintings are autobiographical, others are sociocritical – but mostly they are just stories. I see stories in the world and everything that surrounds me every day. I see a whimsical and imaginative universe, filled with surrealism and never ending possibilities of interpretation,” she continues.

Kitt Buch is both an artist and also trained as a fashion designer in Copenhagen working with sustainable fashion. In her stories the two arts are mixed together in a quirky and morbid universe, that you want to explore again and again.

She also makes small batch textile collections from upcycled, and “leftover from production” materials. The artist and fashion designer also enjoys making freehand machine embroidery. “I adore lace embroidery and have found a way to make my own lace with my beloved sewing machine. I embroider my own handdrawn sketches and illustrations,” she explains.

On NOORVERK Kitt focuses on her mixed media on paper and freehand machine embroidery. Here are a few of the fairytale artworks, but to see the full collection visit her profile:

“… but then I ate you” Framed Original Artwork //

“Easy Living” Framed Original artwork //

“A bird in the Hand is Better than Two in th Bush” Framed Original artwork //

“Wake up and Smell the Flowers” Framed Original artwork //