emerybloom of sweden

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EMERYBLOOM of Sweden makes unique printed design posters based on a belief in a green, sustainable future. emerybloom of sweden is the offline artisan dream come true for graphic designer & art director, Gareth Emery, who in his previous working life has been working mostly with online digital media. Allowing him to work purely with print, each piece of EMERYBLOOMof Sweden artwork is created by either himself, or his wife My Hedblom (the name is a combination of his & her surname), or family. With a dedication to a green & sustainable future, all works are printed on high quality, 100% cotton paper using eco friendly inks & recycled packaging.

For all the EMERYBLOOM of Sweden items they use various printing techniques to achieve the quality they demand. Only the best quality eco-papers, eco-friendly inks and recycled packaging are used to make the company as green as possible. All the products are produced locally in Sweden to reduce the companys carbon footprint. All prints are made by hand in standard sizes and sold unframed, stamped and wrapped carefully.

EMERYBLOOM of Sweden prints are made on 100% cotton paper. Cotton is grown primarily for the textile industry. For the production of textiles, the first step is a ginning process which removes seeds from the cotton plants. These seeds, a by-product of the textile producing process, are the source of the cotton linters that go to make cotton paper.

Being sourced from a recycled by-product of the textile making process, cotton paper can therefore be considered of very low environmental impact as no cotton is grown specifically to make paper. If cotton paper were not made, the linters would be a wasted by-product. Further, the environmental impact of turning cotton linters into paper is no greater than turning wood pulp into paper.

“Papers made of 100% cotton are today considered the most environmentally friendly of papers. This is not an endorsement of cotton production as an environmentally friendly activity. Rather it is based on the fact that cotton linters are a by-product of the textile production process. The production of cotton paper is therefore environmentally friendly because it produces no additional environmental impact”, Gareth states.

This is a small selection of EMERYBLOOM of Swedens unique printed design posters. To see them all please visit the artisan profile page on noorverk.com/artisan/emerybloom-of-sweden/

noorverk-emerybloom_illustrations-twelve_70x100cm_2048x2048-800x1200 noorverk-emerybloom_illustrations-skogen_70x100cm_2048x2048-800x1200 noorverk-emerybloom_illustrations-follow_70x100cm__2048x2048-800x1200
noorverk-emerybloom_illustrations-dusk_70x100cm_2048x2048-800x1200 noorverk-emerybloom_illustrations-dimension_70x100cm_2048x2048-800x1200 noorverk-emerybloom_illustrations-cyklist_70x100cm_2048x2048-800x1200