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Draw Doodles Study II

In Art, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

On our journey to create NOORVERK we have met so many talented artisans who do something else for a living than working with their creative talent. They have a dayjob to be able to do what they love in their spare time – instead of trying to make what they love their job. Some of them cannot find the time or energy to be creative after a long and stressful working day, and others forget they ever had the talent. Some get ill. Some sad. Some remember what made them happy and healthy and have the courage to change their lives and focus on what truely thrives them.

Bettina Lehmann left her 15 year long career as Graphical Designer in the digital agency world to start a new life as an illustrator with Draw Doodles Study. She moved her husband and son from the suburbs of Copenhagen to smaller town in the countryside to find more peace and economical freedom.

All her unique drawings are made out of love to the nature she is so much closer to in her new life – and to the appreciation of a much more calm, traditional and fulfilling handcraft.

Her handmade illustrations are made by thousands of small ink lines and many layers to create life and depth, and the rough nature surrounding her is a large source of inspiration. She works 30-50 hours on each drawing.

You can find a few originals for sale on NOORVERK:

noorverk-drawdoodlesstudy-middagslur      noorverk-drawdoodlesstudy-nyeeventyr      noorverk-drawdoodlesstudy-ulvehunden-balder-illustration-original3