small raku ceramic houses handmade by dina pedersen -see more talented artisans at

Dina Pedersen

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Dina Pedersen makes the finest small raku ceramic houses and every single one of them are very important to her, as they are images of people in her life or things she had experienced personally. Sometimes she feels she is in the lighthouse where the light clearly lights her path. And sometimes she is in a house with a long long staircase, the antennas sticking out and no windows because she feeling lonely or blue.

When she works with the houses, it is her way of making it visible, that she is not forced to live in one mental house. She can decide to live in a house with lots of space, odd angles and room for everyone just as they are. It is her hope, that people can recognise themselves in her houses and maybe find one, that call to be part of their home or a home by someone they love.

The Mini raku houses are unique and symbolises that all people are created unique. Some people live with their antennas out, som people need a chimney to let out their steam. We are made in different shapes and colours. “I love the contrast between the glace and the characteristic black colour the clay gets in the raku burn. This is the image of the light and the darks sides in myself,” Dina openly explains.

The Maxi raku houses are made in a size where it is possible to work with more details. “All people are created with so many details that I love to capture. Some are not straight, some have windows and don’t mind other people looking inside and yet some have a very long stair case to their door,” Dina continues.

The raku technique is an old Japanese burn method where the clay is burned in a raku barrel or selfmade oven. The hot items are placed in a pot with sawdust. This proces is called reducing and gives the ceramic the characteristic black colour and cracks. “I am really fascinated by the proces and have had a lot of thoughts about the colours and the final result, but the raku burn is out of my control. I never really know how it will look, and for me it is a good practise for a perfectionist as myself to loose control,” Dina smiles.

Dina Pedersen will have some of her raku houses for sale on our coming web shop for nordic handmade design, art and crafts. So keep an eye out for the opening date and get a house that you can recognise yourself or someone you love in.

  • small raku ceramic houses handmade by dina pedersen -see more talented artisans at
  • small raku ceramic houses handmade by dina pedersen -see more talented artisans at

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