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Dina Pedersen art project e-book

In Art, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

January 1st 2016 one of the NOORVERK artisans, Dina Pedersen, launched her art project where she would make a raku ceramic house every day, for as long as she wanted. She placed them on a daily basis as images on instagram. Some of them came with a story and sometimes the house just spoke for it self.

It ended with 40 days of houses dealing with themes such as Love, Hope, Dreams and Faith. It was not her intention to come with ready-made answers, but to comment, process issues to life and try to express what can not always be said in words.

Dina Pedersen has made an e-book where she has collected pictures of the finished burned houses and texts from Instagram. She has also added bonus info about the inspiration for the houses and small thoughtful entireties.

The e-book is in Danish and covers 52 pages. You can buy the e-book here >>

Remember you can win one of the beautiful raku ceramic houses on NOORVERKs Facebook and Instagram profiles until May 23rd 2016.

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