a mile in the woods

In Art, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

We are very proud to announce that a mile in the woods is now part of the NOORVERK community. a mile in the woods is a one woman cabaret, focusing on visual experiments, starring illustrator and architect louise haugaard nielsen. Drawing as a craft and a way of communicating has been an underlying passion for 30+ years. Louise started drawing, and never really stopped. For the last three and a half years (and counting) it has been under the name “ a mile in the woods”, a full time employment, with a variety of assignments and visual projects.

a mile in the woods is not narrowed down to just one genre or style. The core of the company is to always experiment; with materials, with textures, with portraits, with dimensions, with the means of telling a story. However, there is a continuous fascination with faces and portraits, spatial experiments and making visual hybrids –bringing objects and textures together that create a new visual story. Common for almost all the work is that it starts with a hand drawing or a sketch.

There is not one template that fits all the different processes of creating illustrations. Sometimes it is a continuous process of contemplating, and after weeks of research and practice, it slowly turns into an illustration, conveying the expression sought after. Sometimes it is a specific texture that sets off the creative process. And on occation it is the overwhelming need to try a certain scene or method, resulting in hours of intense work until it looks and feels just right. And then a selection of these works, after a period of testing and perfecting, becomes available as art prints or originals.

Company mantra: Always experiment!

You can see some of the original artworks from a mile in the woods here, or visit the profile to see the full collection: noorverk.com/artisan/a-mile-in-the-woods/

01_orwhoissophie_1Or who is Sophie – original hand drawing // noorverk.com

We are home – original drawing // noorverk.com

Perfection 05 – original drawing // noorverk.com

Cactus – original drawing // noorverk.com

07_thinkingaboutyou_1Thinking about you – original drawing // noorverk.com