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Behind the brand Woodsen is two wood-loving brothers and their desire to make simple and functional designs in wood. They simply love wood!

The first idea – and the icon – of Woodsen was a remake of the classical butterfly. They remade it in a simple nordic and modern wood design with an option to customise the look to a unique style. From that Woodsen has made other designs in wood as well to continuously strengthen their product line and find new wood types to create exiting variations.

The Woodsen brothers Jesper and Michael Srensen experimented with wood prototypes for a long time before they knew, that wood butterflies would be their first nieche. One day a wood butterfly shaped as the batman logo saw the light of the day and after that, butterflies in different shapes and wood types came along. They spend a long time reshaping, polishing, sizing, oiling, drying, carving before they were satisfied.

Today the wood butterflies comes in 6 different wood types with a wide selection of clip-ons to make them customisable. Their product line also have wood hair accessories which are also made by hand by the two brothers.

“I grew up in a home where our father was a skilled carpenter and my brother followed his footsteps. I clearly remember how fantastic it was to meet both of them in the workshop and enjoy the smell of wood chips and sawdust. It was heaven! I wanted to find out how to put that smell on a bottle – I never got the craftsman skills like them, but I always get good ideas! So marketing, conceptual development, graphical design and idea generation have become my tools for the wood instead of the hammer and saw”, Michael says.

“From my childhood days I have always been crazy about tools. I wore down hammers already in a very young age! For me Woodsen is a perfect match of my craftsman skills and my passion – to make products filled with own values, priorities and processes. It is incredibly fulfilling to get feedback on your work directly – do the customers like them? Why, why not? Often we also get new ideas and request from customers that potentially can become new Woodsen products. That is great! It means people like what we stand for and has an interest in what we do. That is worth working for!”, Jesper says.

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