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Fashion designer Pia Busk graduated from the School of Danish Textile and Handicraft Design in 2000, specializing in textile and leather. She now runs her own store Pia Busk nordic leather goods in Ahlefeldtsgade 23, in the charming old Nansensgade district of Copenhagen, where she designs leather accessories.Pia Busk develops a minimalistic style focusing on detail and graphic visual expression. The materials are top grade as you might expect from a designer who is used to handling leather.

Her recent collections include ‘Hold Me’ clutches in various sizes, and ‘Colors’ – a collection of leather bags. All items are handmade in Copenhagen.

The “Quote”-collection of leather accessories with engraved words is her latest line of products. For example the Shakespeare belt – a handmade black leather belt with this quote engraved “i’ll put a girdle round about the earth in forty minutes”. William Shakespeare needs no introduction. But his character Robin, or Puck as he is also called, from A Midsummer Night’s Dream may need one. Based on an ancient figure in English mythology, Puck is a clever, mischievous elf, a real shape-shifter. He is also small and fast. ‘I’ll put a girdle round about the earth in forty minutes’ is what he answers his master, Oberon, when he is told to go search for a rare aphrodisiac.

See some of the cool leather goods and accessories from Pia Busk here or visit the profile to see the full collection: noorverk.com/artisan/pia-busk/

pia-busk-noorverk-leather-clutch-blue-large3-1200x900Pia Busk blue leather clutch // noorverk.com

pia-busk-noorverk-leather-belt-small-tan-1200x900 Pia Busk leather belt nature – women // noorverk.com

pia-busk-noorverk-leather-keyhanger-black2-1200x900Pia Busk black leather keyhanger // noorverk.com

noorverk-qoute-belt-leather-brown-woman4-1200x600Quote Shakespeare brown leather waist belt // noorverk.com

Cover image: Photo by Søren Svendsen * Model Lise K. Strømsvik * Stylist Monica K. Conradsen