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The maker of fine smoking pipes and owner of NF woodcrafts Nils Frederiksen, was born above a cabinetmaker’s workshop and a furniture shop. Here the assortment was predominantly based on the world-known Danish furniture architects, which he thinks probably has influenced him a great deal subsequently.

He is an educated teacher with his main subject being woodwork. Various courses has inspired him to experiment at home primarily at the wood lathe, and eventually products showed more and more signs of niche production.

Wood turning as a hobby brought about a desire also to turn smoking pipes and in 1992 he took apprenticeship with Flemming Petersen to learn the fundamental skills.

The smoking pipes are only made of high quality blocks of Corsican, Greek or Moroccan Briar – generally mounted with stems of black ebonite or Cumberland, and supplemented with ivory, whale tooth, buffalo horn, artificial amber or bamboo.

Contrary to most other pipe makers he works at the wood lathe, and it is continuously the hunt for the beautiful shape/ the optimum that thrives him in his work with wood.

“I do it because I cannot help it and because I feel like so many others “that it might be really good what I’m producing right now, but my next work; it will be the finest in the whole world”. – so that is probably, after all, my motivation; that the optimum is just around the corner – waiting”, Nils states on his website.

Nils also makes other wooden items in his workshop besides pibes. Get more inspiration on

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