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Leather by Hand – minimalistic Scandinavian leather design

In Accessories, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

Leather by Hand is an upcoming Danish design brand defined by Craftmanship, Quality and Minimalism. Every leather product is designed and produced by hand in Denmark using only needle and thread. And they are made in the best Italian leather, which ensures the highest quality. The design line has a minimalist cut, combined with raw seams, which marks the needlework behind. They are all handmade, stylish products made with love in Aarhus, Denmark.

At Leather by Hand it is important, that the origin of the leather is visibel and part of the design. All handbags, clutches and electronic sleeves are made in 100% pure grain leather, which is a natural product. This means that the influences the leather has been exposed to during the life of the cow can result in marks in the leather. These brands will not be seen as a defect in the Leather by Hand products, but as a guarantee for the leather’s authenticity and quality, since the cows have not been caged. Colour changes, also called patina, also belong to the leather’s natural properties and will only make the leather products more beautiful with time.

You can see a few of the minimalistic Scandinavian style handbags, clutches and elctronic sleeves here, but to see the full collection in black and natural leather please visit the artisan profile: noorverk.com/artisan/leather-by-hand/

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