fine hand-made accessories from bowsbyhand handmade in denmark by artisans - see more on noorverk


In Accessories, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

This time a year many people feel the joy of giving – either to friends, family, loved ones or to themselves, and fine hand-made accessories are topping the lists this year. We buy presents in better and sustainable quality. We are also seeking the unique presents more than before as presents given with personal thought will always be the best presents.

But we are also getting more aware of how our consuming behaviour is impacting for example the environment. So as we are not seeing a decline in the consumption in general, we are getting more and more aware of being responsible consumers.

Bows by Hand is a producer of fine hand-made accessories in Copenhagen. Their philosophy is Quality for All, Recycling is Gold and Fashion has to be Sustainable. They buy textiles locally, either remaining stock or from second hand shops, and produce their bows in a small workshop in Copenhagen.

They want to get away from the so-called “use-and-throw-away” culture seen in the clothing industry, and rediscover the old traditions of making good quality hand-made items that last for a lifetime and maybe even can be past to future generations.