She´s a Dreamer II

In Accessories, Nordic Artisans by the NOORVERK team

We have written about the wonderful collection of handmade colourful clutches from She’s a dreamer before on this blog , and now we are proud to present them on our shop Visit the She´s a dreamer profile where you can find the fantastic collection of colourful clutches in the handbags category.

The collection of clutches from She’s a dreamer is created by two passionate dreamers. While playing with countless colours, exchanging travelling dreams and crazy ideas, Matilde Ø. Hansen and Barbara Regina Grübel, both make-up artists, met each other in the make-up industry.

Discovering a shared tendency of drifting away in their own thoughts, dreaming and seeing possibilities, this curious tendency led them to a creative partnership. She´s a dreamer was created. Created out of dreams, visions and possibilities!

“The ambition with the brand is to remind you to dream or awaken your dreams and the goals you might have in life. Where does this take you? To a warm place, snowy mountains, a sandy beach or doing something you’ve always wanted to do? Every time you glance at your dreamer product we hope it will remind you to dream just because you can…” Matilde and Barbara explains.

The first product line consists of “the dreamer’s” which is a collection of clutches in an array of colours. In their work as hair- and makeup artists, colour and colour combinations are a big part of their jobs. They believe that colour equals opportunities, personality and expression.

With this in mind combined with years of experience working with colours within make-up, they use their knowledge when the dreamer clutches are created.

All the clutches are handmade in Denmark and the fabric has been treated with the NanoCover technology so you don’t have to worry about getting your clutch dirty.

Visit She’s a Dreamer profile on NOORVERK and see all the colourful handmade clutches: